Indian Summer II Eyeshadow Palette


A palette of warm eyeshadow shades that bring back memories of exotic holiday trips

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Indian Summer II is a set of perfectly composed and inspired by nature colors, in which late summer meets early autumn. This set of colors makes makeup a unique moment that stays in the memory for longer. In the palette you will find 12 delightful shades with different finishes, with the help of which you will create both daytime makeup, evening and super-fashionable glow makeup.

The palette consists of eight matte shades and three with a metallic texture. We also put a sparkling topper there , which creates a luminous effect on the eyelids and turns matte shadows into their glossy versions. Light colors will radiate the look, gently emphasize the natural beauty, while darker ones will allow you to create a stronger and more expressive makeup for an evening out.
The palette was created in cooperation between the Paese brand and the Cocolita online drugstore. Matte shadows:

    • Primer – light beige shade
    • Shadow – light brown, perfect transfer shade
    • Carbon – black
    • Hot Chocolate – dark shade of neutral
    • Smoothie – medium shade of pink
    • Burned – burgundy
    • Peach – smoky peach
    • Hot pepper – red chili pepper

Shadows with a metallic finish:

    • Shine – a shade of beige gold
    • Velvet – glossy, burgundy shade
    • Golden hour – just a golden, shiny hour


    • Shimmer – a golden trinket that will illuminate the corners of the eyes


    • shadows with matte and glossy finishes
    • transparent topper that adds shine to matte shadows
    • bright colors in nude tones will work in daytime makeup
    • darker shades and foil variants allow you to create glow makeup
    • shades that blend perfectly with tanned skin
    • high durability and intense pigmentation
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, Cerafluid
Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 1.3 cm


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