Liquid Powder Double Skin Matt Foundation, 30 ml


Mattifying foundation for oily and combination complexions. It absorbs the excess of sebum, creating a gentle, matt film on the skin’s surface leaving it perfectly smooth. Specially selected flaked pigments ensure even natural color. It optically evens the skin.

Active ingredients:

vitamins A, C, E and F – nourish facial skin. It ensures the non transfer effect.

Matt_10M Light Beige
Matt_20M Natural
Matt_30M Medium Beige
Matt_40M Dark Beige

We like the flash on our face, but only when we have planned it. It is known that perfect makeup is a combination of shine and matte in such a way as to emphasize the advantages and beauty of our face. That is why we have created for you a waterproof, sebum-absorbing foundation for the face of oily and combination skin with a tendency to oiliness. Which provides a feeling of velvety, smooth skin. It forms a light, matte film on the surface of the skin, and its specially shredded pigments provide a uniform, natural-looking color. This is our perfect way to make up perfectly and have a successful day.

• Durable, waterproof foundation designed for oily and combination skin with a tendency to oiliness,

• Absorbs excess sebum and creates a matte film on the surface of the skin,

• Leaves the skin velvety smooth,

• Does not remain in furrows and wrinkles,

• Optically reduces wrinkles,

• It includes LPD’s MULTIVITAMIN (a specially selected set of vitamins, enclosed in phospholipid coatings), which effectively penetrate the epidermis and thus act at the skin level,

• Provides a non-transfer effect

Weight 0.114 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 4.1 × 12 cm

Aqua_10A Light Beige, Aqua_20A Natural, Aqua_30A Medium Beige, Aqua_40A Dark Beige, Matt_10M Light Beige, Matt_20M Natural, Matt_30M Medium Beige, Matt_40M Dark Beige


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