HD Loose Powder, Makeup Fixer


Guarantees Velvety Smooth Complexion and Matte Finish

Lightweight loose powder for a velvety smooth complexion and matte makeup finish. The powder perfectly fixes makeup and does not require corrections during the day. It provides a soft focus effect that optically reduces imperfections and smoothes facial features. Recommended for use during photo sessions

High Definition loose powder created in our laboratory is a product for every skin type. It effectively fixes makeup and smoothes the skin, additionally diffuses light providing a soft Focus effect, especially helpful during photo sessions. Thanks to its oil content, meadowfoam nourishes the skin, has a moisturizing effect, reduces imperfections and smoothes facial features, leaving the complexion velvety smooth for the rest of the day, without the need for corrections. Its regular use guarantees a natural, flawless appearance.

• Extremely light loose powder for all skin types,
• Provides a satin finish and effectively fixes makeup,
• Has a caring effect on the skin: moisturizes, smoothes facial features and reduces imperfections,
• Effectively diffuses light guaranteeing a soft focus effect,
• Its use is especially recommended during photo sessions

Weight 0.079 g
Dimensions 7.1 × 3.2 × 7.1 cm

Light Beige 01, Medium Beige 02, Transparent


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