Nanorevit Perfecting and Covering Powder


Innovative powder created based on the new Nanorevit technology. Provides a long-lasting matte finish. Easy to apply, creamy formula moisturizes and nourishes the skin

No 01 Ivory
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No 03 Sand
No 04 Warm Beige
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Innovative powder created based on the new Nanorevit technology. Provides a long-lasting matte finish. Easy to apply, creamy formula moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

An independent laboratory indicated in its research:

  • for reducing skin oil by 65.93%
  • no irritating properties
  • sensory studies have shown that the product not only mattifies the skin, but also reduces its dryness, does not irritate or sensitize, has anti-inflammatory properties
  • positive results of application tests confirmed the improvement of the structure and color of the skin
  • antioxidant effect, protecting the delicate skin of the face against the aging process and the influence of harmful external factors

In accordance with our philosophy, we want make-up to always be combined with care. Makeup cosmetics should take care not only of your appearance, but also of the condition of your skin.

The creamy consistency provides a strong covering effect and facilitates the application of the product. Lipid nanoparticles have the ability to absorb sebum , which is responsible for a matte finish . The powder prolongs the durability of make-up and makes the skin look radiant and healthy .

Thanks to the formula rich in active ingredients and the use of the innovative Nanorevit technology, the powder cares for, moisturizes and nourishes the skin . It contains antioxidants present in blackcurrant seed oil, which effectivelydelay the aging process and protect the skin against the harmful effects of external factors .

Your skin will look radiant and healthy, and you will feel that you have given it what it needs.

Also dedicated to people with sensitive, atopic skin and psoriasis.

Did you know that the skin needs essential fatty acids (EFA), which the body is unable to produce on its own?

This inspired us to create the Nanorevit line in our laboratory. We are proud of it because we were the first to enclose blackcurrant seed oil in a nanostructure so that your skin gets the most out of its valuable properties. This oil contains a unique combination of EFAs.

How did we do it?

  1. We used blackcurrant pomace from juice production.
  2. The dried seeds were sent to the Institute of New Chemical Syntheses in Puławy, where they were subjected to the extraction process.
  3. The innovative method of extraction protects the oil from the negative effects of oxidation, preserving all its properties.
  4. With the help of ultrasounds, we have encapsulated the active ingredient in nanostructures so that your skin can draw from it every day

Why blackcurrant seed oil?

Because it contains a combination of five essential fatty acids, unheard of in any other oil:

      • linoleic acid (LA) synthesizes other acids from the omega-6 family responsible for maintaining optimal skin hydration
      • γ-linolenic acid (GLA) , the deficiency of which causes loss of skin elasticity, which significantly accelerates the formation of wrinkles
      • α-linolenic acid (ALA) strengthens the epidermal cells and thus the skin’s protective barrier
      • oleic acid stimulates regeneration and formation of new cells
      • stearidic acid rebuilds the lipid coat

Let’s get to the point!

Our super ingredient – blackcurrant seed oil:

      • affects skin renewal processes – stimulates the increase in the number of collagen fibers
      • fights free radicals – acts as an antioxidant
      • intensively moisturizes – reduces water loss from the epidermis
      • visibly smoothes the surface of the skin – reduces wrinkles
      • deeply nourishes
      • regulates the secretion of sebum
      • strengthens blood vessels
      • reduces skin redness

As a result, the skin retains its firmness and youthful appearance.

Our product was created with nature in mind. We reused pomace from Polish fruit, reducing the amount of waste in the environment. Thanks to an efficient and non-invasive extraction method, we obtained exceptionally pure oil.

Weight 0.07 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.2 cm

No 01 Ivory, No 02 Porcelain, No 03 Sand, No 04 Warm Beige, No 05 Natural, No 06 Honey


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