Pure Pigments, Illuminating Pearl Effect


Loose, mineral pigments that guarantee the effect of a brightened eyelid. Triple pigmentation provides intense, saturated shades. Shadows contain silk proteins that smooth the eyelid. They can be used dry and wet.

Pure pigments_04 Terra Rosa
Pure Pigments_05 green gables
Pure Pigments_06 golden brown
Pure pigments_07 galaxy
Pure pigments_08 smoke
Pure pigments_10 stone

Apparently, the last brush strokes and delicate accents are a delightful effect. We took this into account by creating in our laboratory, loose, pearl eyeshadows with intense colors. Which, thanks to triple pigmentation, gain incredible saturation and intense shades. They are very durable and efficient. They are ideal as the last touches of makeup, which are often missing to create a delightful effect.

• Loose pearl pigments for the eyelids,

• Triple pigmentation provides durable and intense colors,

• Unusual durable and efficient shadows,

• They can be used wet and dry,

• They can also be used as eyeliners

Weight 0.02 g
Dimensions 4.9 × 4.9 × 2.2 cm

Pure pigments_03 Light Gold, Pure pigments_04 Terra Rosa, Pure Pigments_05 green gables, Pure Pigments_06 golden brown, Pure pigments_07 galaxy, Pure pigments_08 smoke, Pure pigments_09 pearly peach, Pure pigments_10 stone


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