Wonder Glow Liquid Highlighter


• suitable for all skin types
• innovative, liquid formula
• contains pearl dust
• available in three colors
• packaging with a convenient pump
• possibility of graduating intensity

Wonder Glow_ Opal
Wonder Glow_Body
Wonder Glow_Bronzed

Responding to the current trends and needs of our consumers, we have created a liquid version of our luminous gem – the Wonder Glow Highlighter, loved by millions of women. Thanks to the innovative formula of the fluid containing pearl dust, the illumination effect is even more intense. It guarantees a velvety, durable finish full of beautiful shine. It can be applied gradually, giving the skin the effect of natural illumination or a strong metallic pane.
It has a variety of applications, it can be applied to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, eye corner, neckline and shoulders, and in combination with lotion even on the whole body. The pearl particles contained in the lightweight formula provide intense pigmentation and a durable finish.


It can be used in several ways:

• Applied directly to the skin, it acts as a base or illuminate,

• Added to the foundation will give the whole skin a natural-looking glow

• Mixed with lotion will give the whole body a beautiful tone and emphasize the tan Liquid highlighter is available in three delightful shades:

• OPAL – cool, pink ideal for light and mature complexions

• BODY – a universal shade of pressed Wonder Glow

• BRONZER highlighter – ideal for swarthy and dark complexions, or for light ones to give the skin a radiant shade of tan Show your inner glow!

Weight 0.115 g
Dimensions 3.3 × 3.2 × 12.7 cm

Wonder Glow_ Opal, Wonder Glow_Body, Wonder Glow_Bronzed


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