Lifting Light Smoothing Foundation, Gently Mattifies


A light, smoothing foundation, suitable for dry, mature, and tired skin

The fluid formula perfectly blends into the skin providing a very natural effect

Lifting_100 Porcelain
lifting_101 Warm Beige
lifting_102 Natural
lifting_103 Golden Beige

Time… ALLOY! We would like to stop time, but unfortunately we can’t do that yet. However, in our laboratory we have managed to develop a primer that, according to the previous wishes, noticeably eliminates the signs of the passage of time. Our foundation, thanks to the content of active ingredients, gently mattifies, hides imperfections, soothes and evens out the tone

• lifting polymers – optically smooth wrinkles, visibly firming and elasticizing the skin,

• silicon and magnesium – are responsible for stimulating collagen synthesis

• vitamins A, E and C – a complex of vitamins strongly regenerating, moisturizing illuminate the skin and those that have an antioxidant effect on the skin,

• provitamin B5 – has properties that soothe irritations and inflammations,

• Smoothing foundation with a light consistency created for tired, dry and mature skin,

• Rich in active ingredients that smooth, soothe irritations, provide an optimal level of hydration and antioxidant effect on the skin,

• Hides all imperfections and evens out the tone,

• Gently mattifies and visibly improves skin elasticity

Weight 0.101 g
Dimensions 3.1 × 3.1 × 11.5 cm

Lifting_100 Porcelain, lifting_101 Warm Beige, lifting_102 Natural, lifting_103 Golden Beige


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