Nanorevit Creamy lipstick, Intense, Long Lasting Colour


You’ll love its strong, long-lasting colour

Its creamy formula smoothes your lips, prevents them from drying and does not emphasize dry skins

  • enriched with an active ingredient that comprehensively cares
  • strong and durable color
  • creamy, moisturizing formula
No 10 Natural Beauty
No 11 Coral
No 12 Peony
No 13 Mallow
No 14 Innocent
No 15 Classy
No 16 Retro Red
No 17 Rose
No 18 Amaranth
No 19 Blackcurrant

Underlined and moisturized lips are the perfect complement to makeup ! Nanorevit Creamy Lipstick is a durable, intense lipstick that not only adds color to your lips, but also nourishes and moisturizes them . A wide range of colors will allow you to choose the perfect color depending on the situation, creation or mood. Creamy consistency, moisturizing ingredients and nourishing lipsticks will take care of the perfect appearance of the lips and their smoothness .

Just one stroke of lipstick is enough to completely change your make-up! The Nanorevit Creamy Lipstick series is a wide range of colors that will work in any situation. In addition, it will improve the hydration of your lips.

The product is distinguished by a unique formula, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) , which have a nourishing, smoothing and regenerating effect. This unique combination characterizes the Nanorevit line created in our laboratory near Krakow. We were the first to enclose blackcurrant oil in nanostructures , thanks to which your skin can draw beneficial nutrients every day. What will you find inside? Blackcurrant seed oil enclosed in a nanostructure. It contains a combination of as many as five NKKTs:

  • linoleic acid (LA) – maintains the proper level of skin hydration,
  • γ-linolenic acid (GLA) – improves elasticity,
  • α-linolenic acid (ALA) – strengthens the skin’s protective barrier,
  • oleic acid – slows down the aging process of the skin,
  • stearic acid – rebuilds the lipid coat,
Weight 0.023 g
Dimensions 2.9 × 2.2 × 9.5 cm

No 10 Natural Beauty, No 11 Coral, No 12 Peony, No 13 Mallow, No 14 Innocent, No 15 Classy, No 16 Retro Red, No 17 Rose, No 18 Amaranth, No 19 Blackcurrant


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